Introduction to Food Safety

Everyone who works in a care home where food is cooked, prepared or handled is required to have an understanding of food safety and hygiene and be able to demonstrate good practice.

Staff will learn how to handle food correctly and will be given all the relevant information on food safety including, cooking, cleaning, chilling and cross contamination.

Who the course is for?

This course is for all care home staff who are, or who could be, involved in preparing, handling or serving food.

Aim of the course

After attending this course, you will understand the importance of good food safety and hygiene and your legal obligations.

What We Will Cover

• Legal obligations of food safety and hygiene

• Causes and symptoms of food poisoning

• Correct personal hygiene

• Food handling, preparation and storage

• Assessment

The course lasts 4 hours and will involve student participation, group activity and open discussions in a relaxed and informal learning environment.

Upon the successful completion of a multiple-choice questionnaire, a certificate will be awarded. Our experienced trainers will be on hand to help throughout.

Important Information

This is a mandatory training that is required by law and therefore vital training for staff involved with any aspect of food handling and storage. This training will also assist Health and Social Care diploma candidates with their learning.

To book a place or to find out when sessions are being held, contact us at or call us on 01902 297873.