Quality of Care Complaints Procedure


In this instance, the recognised complaints procedure is as follows:

The complainant should complete and return a 'Notification of Complaint form to the Centre Manager in writing either by email or letter.

karen@QualityofCare.co.uk Or in writing to Karen Hunter at:

Quality of Care

Wrottesley Park Road


Wolverhampton WV8 2HE

Receipt of the complaint will be acknowledged in writing within 48 hours.

The complaint will be reviewed by the Centre Manager and the Managing Director. If required further information may be requested.

They will decide whether the nature of the complaint impacts on the quality standards of QCF delivery or if it relates to other areas of the business which does not affect the assessment process.

The Centre Manager and the Managing Director will carry out an investigation and aim to complete it within 10 working days.

Those involved in the complaint will have the right to attend any scheduled meetings to express their views in person.

If the complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the Centre Manager and the Managing Director, the learner will be advised of the most appropriate course of action.


a. Acknowledgement of complaint within 48 hours.

b. Carryout investigation and issue either formal response with 10 days with reasons for decision OR an update on progress to complainant.

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