We formed Quality of Care because we wanted to help care providers establish and run successful care home and home care businesses – businesses that deliver the care their residents and clients need whilst being financially sustainable.

With the care sector in worsening crisis the kind of help we provide has never been more needed.

Our help covers two key areas.

QoC Business

As owner and or Registered Manager, you own and run a business. Building a successful business is hard and never more so than in the care sector. Successful businesses are built on a strong foundation. We can help you establish that foundation.

At the core of this foundation is the need to make sure your care business is financially strong and healthy. If any business is financially weak and vulnerable then sooner or later it is going to fail. This has to be the first area to tackle.

This is where our help starts and have created tools and training to help you make sure your care business is financially resilient enough to be sustainable.

Once financially sustainable we can help you establish the strong foundation that any business needs to work well year in year out.

QoC Training

Fundamental to the success of your business is the service you provide. Your staff, who provide the amazing service you want your clients to receive, are your greatest asset. To deliver a great service and maintain your good reputation and standard you need them to be well trained.

We are an accredited training company that offers care specific training, apprenticeships and business training such as leadership and Management and Strategy.

We formed a dynamic team of trainers and assessors, headed by Karen Hunter, who have contributed to the accreditation of QoC by ICQ and Qualsafe.

Our vision is to help make this sector work – for it to be a sector in which care businesses can thrive and not struggle and in which people will want to build and open new care homes and home care services in the knowledge that it has as much chance of being successful as any other business.

Our Mission is to achieve our Vision by helping care providers build their care homes on a strong business foundation and making sure their people are well trained so they can deliver a top service.

Our experience tells us that if your care home gets these two areas right then it can build a great team of loyal people who deliver quality care whilst remaining financially viable.

What is our experience?

Quality of Care is a spin-off from a company that for 20 years has run nursing homes, which care for vulnerable adults with complex mental health needs.

One of the co-founders Juliet, is a nurse who has owned successful nursing homes, which care for vulnerable adults with complex mental health needs, for 20 years.

The other co-founder, Christopher has worked in corporate tech companies, owned a software company and been a business strategy consultant before joining the care sector and seeing a need for the help that Quality of Care provides.