To control your care business, you need to be able to know and control your costs.

The Running Cost Calculator will help you do just that.

Key Benefits

  • Control your costs - control your care business.
  • Set clear monthly budgets and see at a glance if those budgets are being exceeded.
  • Establish average monthly costs so that you can set more accurate fees and justify them.
  • Make better decisions on things like the financial impact of an empty bed versus filling it for a fee that is too low.

Quality of Care Running Cost Calculator

What's inside the Running Cost Calculator

Record Your Monthly Costs

The Care Running Cost Calculator gives you the freedom to record and monitor your costs as best suits your business.

Record all your spend and set your monthly budgets.

All the tables you need are there and you can add as many lines in the table as you need.

There are 12 sets of tables covering the fiscal year.

A few hours data input by an administrator and that's the data input done. The effort to enter your spend and keep this tool up to date is nothing compared with the vital information you will glean from it.

Once you have entered your costs the Running Cost Calculator will present all the data you need to stay in control of your care business.

Monthly Summary Table

Having created the tables and entered the spend for each area you want to monitor, a monthly summary table shows you the total spend or cost for each of these tables.

This summary table also shows the budget you set and a percentage of the monthly cost against budget so you can see at a glance areas of overspend.



Annual Summary Table

The Running Cost Calculator's annual Summary table for fixed and staff costs shows a summary of your spend for each month across the entire year.

If you have created sub-sections in tables you can open up those sub-sections in this summary table and see cost, budgets and cost versus budget.

So, in this case, if 'Kitchen' looks like a higher than usual spend you can see which subsection is causing that increased spend.

See your total fixed and staff monthly costs and as the months progress the tool calculates an accurate monthly average cost for both.

Accumulative Summary Table

This table shows you a year-to-date summary of your spend and annual budget and compares your the spend to date with that budget. This will give you an idea of how likely you are to exceed that budget in the coming months or if you actually already exceeded it.

This summary table also shows your average monthly spend for each area and again you can open up areas with subsections.

The total average monthly costs will help you set your minimum breakeven point for your bed fees.

If you prefer a more visual outlook and easier to see results at a glance then the tool also gives you charts.

Charts, Charts and More Charts

If pictures are your thing then all that you see in the tables are shown in charts.

Whether it's a big picture, 30,000 foot view you want or the finer department details, there's nothing quite like a picture to give you an instant view of what's going on.

See how your spend is trending compared to your budgets and instantly spot where you are overspending.

Aaaah… pictures - don't you just love them?


The Multiple Users Feature Offers Enhanced Security

The Running Cost Calculator's multiple user feature is a valuable addition to the software, enhancing its functionality and usability.

With this feature, users can easily manage access to the tool by adding, editing, or deleting users as needed.

This capability not only streamlines user management but also ensures accountability by tracking who has accessed the software.

Whether you're collaborating with a team or administering the tool in your care setting, the multiple user feature offers the flexibility and control necessary for efficient and secure usage.

No Risk Money-back Guarantee

I want you to be sure that this tool is going to work for you. I want to eliminate any doubts that you may have by letting you try this tool for free.

Try the Quality of Care Running Cost Calculator for 90 days for free.

If at anytime during this 90-day trial you decide that this tool isn't for you, simply let us know and we’ll make sure your payment isn’t taken.

You have nothing to lose and the potential to take control of the financial health of your care business.

Try it out today.