It is the only tool that will help you set accurately costed fees and give you all the information you need to successfully negotiate for those fees

Key Benefits

  • Have the certainty from knowing that you have accurately calculated all your care home costs, plus the cost of any extra specific individual care a person needs AND set a profit that keeps your care home financially healthy.

  • See a detailed breakdown of your costs, so you can confidently justify every single aspect of your fee quote.

  • A built in comparison table will instantly show you if your current fee, or the fee your LA wants to pay, is too low by showing you the profit or loss you are currently making, or would make, on that fee.

  • Once you have entered your costs, accurate fee quotes can be created in minutes and accessed online from anywhere.

  • All resident quotes are stored securely online and if fees change previous versions can still be accessed.



Key Features

Establish How Much Your Care Home Costs to Run

Your fixed and staff costs must be covered by your bed fees.

Enter your monthly fixed costs (as shown) in as much detail as you need to establish an accurate average monthly cost. This is divided across your residents and a weekly cost per resident calculated.

Your larger staff costs are calculated based on a detailed staffing profile that you enter (including agency). This profile will include hourly rates, salaries and extra employer cost.

Having entered your staff information, the Care Fee Calculator will work out average hourly rates which are then used to accurately calculate the cost of the care you provide.

Knowing your costs is crucial to ensure that the bed fees you set will cover all your costs and return the profit your care home needs to remain financially viable.

Set Your Minimum Breakeven Cost for Each Resident

The cost of running your care home needs to be covered equally by each of your clients.

Based on your average monthly fixed costs and staff costs, the Care Fee Calculator will divide the total monthly cost equally across each resident and give you a weekly minimum breakeven cost for each resident.

The tool will also calculate how much daily standard care (and nurse) time each resident is entitled to as part of this minimum cost.

Now you have a minimum cost for each resident and know that any fee below that minimum is a loss.

Detail the Extra Care an Individual Person Needs

Never end up paying for the extra individual care a person needs.

Start a new individual's fee quote and enter all extra care that person needs and the tool will calculate how many hours and minutes a week of extra care and nursing time that extra care equates to.

The Care Fee Calculator will calculate the cost of this extra care based on the average hourly rates previously set.

There are also tables for specialist care, like 1-to-1, and for items like medical sundries and equipment.

With extra care detailed in this way, you can highlight, to any commissioner who objects to paying the fee you've set, all the care a person needs and how much time this care will take to provide.

Accurately Calculate the Real Cost of Individual Care

The extra care you have assessed this person needs is summarised in your individual fee quote along with the cost of this care based on the average hourly rates calculated.

Specialist care, sundries and equipment tables are also shown with their costs.

All totals are added, including the running cost table and minimum breakeven cost, to give you an individual breakeven cost.

This is the minimum cost to you for this resident. A penny below this is a financial loss and means you will be subsidising the care you provide.

This detailed calculation of your costs will help you justify every penny to any commissioner who wants to pay a lower fee.

Set a fee That Keeps Your Care Home Financially Viable

Like any business you need to make enough profit to sustain your care home and for it to be resilient enough to survive during tough times, to cover unexpected costs or to invest in improving or expanding your organisation.

Before adding your profit margin, the Care Fee Calculator allows you to add an Impact Analysis margin to your breakeven point. This is a future cost rise contingency or cushion.

Add your target profit percentage that you need to keep your care home financially healthy. The tool will show you what that profit is in monetary terms along with your fee.

If there is an annual uplift from your local council you can add that here and see your final fee.

Because your costs have been accurately calculated you can be confident that you can provide the care a person needs on this fee and return the profit your care home needs.

Know the Financial Impact of a Fee that is too Low

Use this comparison table to instantly compare the fee you are currently receiving for a resident or a fee a commissioner wants to pay for a potential new client.

Enter your current fee or their offer in the comparison table and the tool will compare that with your individual breakeven cost with any Impact Analysis extra you have entered.

It will show you how much profit or loss you are making for a current resident or how much you would make if you accepted that fee.

It also shows you how much that profit or loss totals over a year and how much profit would make if you receive the fee you have calculated you need.

This powerful comparison table that shows you the financial impact of a fee you are currently receiving or a new one being offered, will give you the clarity you need to stand your ground and the confidence to make difficult decisions.

Create and store accurate quotes in minutes

The Care Fee Calculator contains everything you need to create quotes for clients both quickly and accurately.

It will store your "live quotes" and "make them residents" should they move into your care home. Should you need to change your resident fee quotes in the future you can create new versions and keep the original versions.

You can retrieve all of you live and client quotes, easily to refer to and review and amend for a client review.

Everything is stored securely in the cloud and accessible from anywhere at anytime. You can print your quotes to a PDF or paper if you wish to store locally.

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The Multiple Users Feature Offers Enhanced Security

The Care Fee Calculator's multiple user feature is a valuable addition to the software, enhancing its functionality and usability.

With this feature, users can easily manage access to the tool by adding, editing, or deleting users as needed.

This capability not only streamlines user management but also ensures accountability by tracking who has accessed the software.

Whether you're collaborating with a team or administering the tool in your care setting, the multiple user feature offers the flexibility and control necessary for efficient and secure usage.

No Risk Money-back Guarantee

I want you to be sure that this tool is going to work for you. I want to eliminate any doubts that you may have by letting you try this tool for free.

Try the Care Fee Calculator for 90 days for free.

If at anytime during this 90-day trial you decide that this tool isn't for you, simply let us know and we'll make sure your payment isn't taken.

You have nothing to lose and the potential to take control of the financial health of your care business.