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Do You Escape the Gravity of Your Care Business?

 Your business possesses a gravity that pulls you in and is hard to escape.

But escape you must if you are going to address any weaknesses and risks in your business and threats from outside, as well as exploit your strengths and take your care business to where you want it to be.

Imagine floating in space high above the Earth.

As you gaze upon our beautiful planet, the glorious colours, the expanses of water, the swirls of cloud formations, you feel calm, relaxed and at peace. Your mind free of the hustle and bustle that is your life down on the planet.

With your mind free from the detail of everyday life you see the big picture.

But you know that whilst you gaze down upon our world, it is constantly pulling on you trying to drag you back to its surface, back down to the noise and clamour and assault on your senses.

Your business does the same; it possesses a gravity, a pull that keeps you IN the business, holding you down and challenging you to step away from it.

In my post at the end of last year I talked about it being a perfect time to step back, reflect on the year just gone and on the year ahead.

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In these posts I also give some guidance on how to step away and work ON your business not IN it.

Regardless of when your business year starts, if you haven’t yet thought about how you want the year to go, then it’s not too late, especially now, as your costs are about to increase even further when the National Living and Minimum wages increase on 1st April.

If April’s wage rises gives you cause for concern and you missed my recent post on the subject, please do check it out.

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Your first – and possibly your biggest – challenge to transforming your business is your ability to step away from it (to escape its gravity well) in order to see the big picture and create the kind of strategy that will propel it to the next level.

Being too busy in your business – not escaping its pull – is one of the biggest reasons a strategy doesn’t get created, doesn’t get implemented and why a business doesn’t move forward as planned.

It’s also too easy to do. We all have days of being reactive and of simply tackling one problem after another. But if that’s the norm for you then you could actually be hurting your business as you may have little control over it.

You need to escape the pull of your business and with practice you can.


Set aside a period each week like a Friday afternoon and spend the time doing something that isn’t an everyday task but a strategic action that will benefit your business.

This could involve learning something new like a new marketing tactic or reviewing how well an aspect of your business is performing and finding ways to improve it.

Turn this weekly practice, where you step away from your business for a few hours, into a weekly habit. Make it a norm so that not doing it becomes a rare occasion. The more you do this and pull away from the day-to-day, the easier it will become.

Being able to step away from your care business will benefit it and you in so many ways, including the increased control you’ll have over it and ability to keep it on course to achieve what you want from it.

If you are worried about the wage rises in April then download my free report, 5 Steps to Make Your Care Business Financially Secure.

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