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Our help covers two key areas: Finance and Training.

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Are You Worried About the Financial Health of Your Care Home?

With costs rising to record levels you need to make sure that your care business will still be here this time next year.

Download this free report and discover the 5 steps to making sure your care home is financially secure for the year ahead and beyond.

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Strategy 13 June 2024

Unlocking Creativity on Holiday: A Strategic Guide for Leaders

Holidays are a time to relax and disconnect from work, but they can also be a golden opportunity to tap into your creative potential that will ultimately benefit you and your and your business.

Systems 13 June 2024

A Relaxing Holiday Won't Just Happen - You Need to Prepare

When on holiday, do you receive calls from work needing your guidance to resolve an issue or make a decision the caller isn't comfortable making? Do you feel the need to check your emails, just in case?

If you can relate to this - and wish it didn't - then read on as there are things you can do, before going on that much needed holiday, to make it the relaxing enjoyable time-out you need.

Systems 13 June 2024

7 Steps to Systemising Your Care Business

In the previous post we looked at the reasons why you should systemise your care business.
In this post I cover 7 key steps to systemising it so it runs more efficiently and effectively.

Systems 24 May 2024

The Power of Systemising Your Care Business: Enhancing Quality and Leadership

Running a care business is uniquely challenging. For it to work well and for you to be able to step back from its day-to-day running and be the leader it needs, systematisation is essential.

Finance 25 April 2024

Your Breakeven Point is About to Increase - What Will You Do?

We are days from the end of April and you will need to run this month's payroll.
Without a doubt, this payroll will see a significant rise in your staff wage bill?
What you do next will be vitally important to the health of your care business.

Business Foundation 10 April 2024

How Strong Is Your Care Business?

Whether you are the owner of your organisation or you run it for someone else, of course you want it to succeed.
But its success, like any business, depends on the strength of the foundation it sits on.
Just how strong is your business?